Monday, March 7, 2011

Tomorrow is the day...

My mom and I leave for Nevada tomorrow morning at 7. Way early! And yes, we are flying. I think it's at least a 24 hour drive, which does not sound pleasant. I've finally started to pack. Would anyone like to come help me pack? I didn't think so! How am I supposed to pack for snowy weather for a month?? It's so hard!

Yesterday was such a hard day. During worship Sunday morning, I completely lost it. I had held it in until then. I don't mean just a few tears, I mean sobbing. I got up and ran out and went to the bathroom. And of course we were sitting close to the front, so I'm sure everyone saw me lose it and leave. My mom came after me, and then we finally went back into church. I was hurting so much and knew it was my last time at church for a long time. I hate goodbyes.

At church last night, they also prayed for individuals who were sick or lost loved ones and they prayed for me. I got to see most of friends yesterday, and say goodbye.

We arrive in Reno tomorrow at 11am local time. They are 2 hours behind OKC. Thankfully, I don't go to the clinic until Wednesday morning, so tomorrow we can just get settled.

I will update again when we get to Reno. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Here's a picture of some of my friends and I yesterday at church.

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  1. I would totally come and help you pack... if it wasn't for the Atlantic.

    Hope your journey goes okay, looking forward to the update when you get settled.

    Love & prayers & hugs! Keep going Victoria! x x x x