Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend update

Friday night we went out to eat with the family who has the boy my age. We were at the restaurant until 10 that night, just talking!

Yesterday was a crazy day. On Saturdays, only a couple nurses are at the clinic for a few hours. So we got there yesterday morning, and found out that I had no orders for what I was supposed to do. We went ahead and started an IV in my arm, and began the Vitamin C IV. I'm not using my port right now because I have a terrible rash around it. We started talking to the nurse and found out that if I needed the pain medicine (which we knew I would), that I couldn't get it because the doctor wasn't there. We immediately stopped my IV, and I just got my shots and left. We wasted a good vein in my arm! They did talk to the doctor and he got me a prescription of Loritab for the weekend, and to try that instead of IV pain medicine during my IVs.

My mom and I decided to drive to Lake Tahoe yesterday for a couple of hours to look for ski pants for when my dad and brother come. It's only an hour away from Reno. We went to a few stores, and ate there, and then came back to Reno. The lake is so pretty!

Tomorrow, I am supposed to start The Push at the clinic. The Lyme tricks the immune system, and shuts it down. The Push is a shot that stimulates the immune system to fight the Lyme, causing a reaction. The shot goes in a vein in the arm, and you get it right before you leave the clinic each day. Since it helps your immune system to kill the Lyme, it causes you to be very sick. It takes about an hour to hit after you get the shot, so you race to the apartment to get ready. First, it feels like ice is running through you and you start shaking like you're having a seizure. That can last for several hours. Next, the migraine and body pain hit to where you have to be in a dark room and you can't even move or walk because you hurt so bad. I also get jaw pain, so I don't want to talk. Your fever goes up really high. This lasts all night.

Everyday you decide if you want to go up on the dose of The Push, or stay the same, or go lower. They make The Push every weekend, so it's always stronger at the beginning of the week, and the strength is always different. It's different for everyone too.

You are encouraged to ride it out for 6 hours each night, before taking any medicine to bring down the fever. But at anytime, you can take a bath in apple cider vinegar, and that will draw out the medicine and toxins and stop the shaking. Sometimes you just can't handle it anymore, so you have to do this or take pain medicine. The pushes have been really strong lately here for everyone. It leaves some unable to walk for a couple of days, or in extreme pain. You also get very dehydrated from not eating or drinking during the reactions, so they give you fluids at the clinic along with things to help you feel better.

I'm supposed to start that tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see if the doctor still wants me to start it. If I do start it, I most likely will not update until Tuesday unless I don't have a reaction, which can happen. We will see how it goes!


  1. Wow, that sounds horrific. But good if it works!

    PRAYING!!! Stay strong Victoria - you're AMAZING! x x x

  2. I know you and your mom are a great help and comfort to G and his family. Bless you sweetie, love always,